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Scripture: Ephesians 2(1-10)

What is grace:

Grace can be defined as unmerited favour of God which believers (those who believe in God, especially Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour) enjoy. It is a gift of God and encompasses His SALVATION, MERCY, and LOVING KINDNESS. Grace is never earned. It is given freely by the Almighty God as a result of His unlimited capacity to forgive and bless his own.
Grace is one of the great pillars that uphold the word of God both in the old and new testaments.
Verses 8 & 9 of our supporting scripture tell us that, “For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not yourselves: it is the gift of God.
Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Some characters that enjoyed the grace of God in the Bible:
1) Abraham – known as the father of faith. It was the grace of God upon his life that made him to be singled out of his pagan and idolatrous family by the Almighty God to become the father of nations, most importantly Israel, the lineage that brought our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to the world. {Genesis 12(1-4)}

2) David – the shepherd boy and least among his brethren. It was the grace of God upon his life that made him become King of Israel, despite the fact that he was not even considered or favoured by his biological father.{1Samuel 16(3)}

3) Peter – the most vocal and leader of the Apostles enjoyed extra grace in that Jesus prayed for him so that Satan would not be able to “overcome” him despite his weaknesses.{luke 22(31-32)}

What must we do to receive grace of God?
1) We must be born again. {John 3(3)}
2) We must have a repentant heart. {Luke 15(10)}
3) We must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. {John 14(26)}
4) We must be able to give sacrificially. {2Samuel 24(24)}
5) We must obey the word of God as written in the Bible and most importantly be willing to carry out the great commission. {Mark 16(15)}

What are those things that can make us lose the grace of God?
1) Disobedience {Colossians 3(6)}
2) Greediness {Ephesians 4(19)}
3) Uncaring attitude – (nonchalance) {1Samuel 3(17-18)}
4) Overconfidence {Philippians 4(13)}

We must guide against these things so that they do not rob us of the grace of God.


Without the grace of the Almighty God, it will be impossible to make heaven. 2Corinthians 12(9) – tells us that “His grace is sufficient for us, for His strength is made perfect in weakness.”
When we yield our weaknesses to God through his grace, he perfects us and we make heaven.

: Heavenly father, let your grace continue to multiply in my life and may I not misuse your grace in Jesus name. AMEN.

Ola Suyee


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