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What is the meaning of overflow? Overflow means in essence “running over” (Ps.23:5). Every born again christian is supposed to enjoy a “running over” abundance of God’s grace, mercy and peace. Let me expatiate on what grace, mercy and peace are supposed to confer on the born again child of God.

GRACE: is the gift of God by which he extends MERCY, LOVING KINDNESS, and SALVATION to people, most especially to His church, the BODY OF CHRIST.

God’s grace enables him to confront human indifference and rebellion with his unlimited capacity to forgive and to bless. God is gracious in action to his church. In summary, GRACE is unmerited favour that every born again child of God enjoys in abundance.

The bible makes us to understand in 2Cor.12:9 that “God’s grace is sufficient for us”. God’s grace bestows on us, undeserved benefits that enrich our lives and unite us together in the church, the body of Christ.

GRACE as exemplified in the bible refers to the nature of God’s character to exercise goodwill towards his creatures. This nature finds its supreme expression in Jesus Christ.

WHAT IS THE CONDITION NECESSARY FOR RECEIVING GOD’S GRACE? The condition is HUMILITY (James 4:6, 1Pet.5:5) Such humility before God enables believers to practice humility with other people and thus extend to them God’s grace also.

Jesus Christ represents the fulfilment, the embodiment, and the dispenser of divine grace.

The early Christians, freely referred to God’s grace as “ the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ” This grace was combined with the traditional greeting of “shalom” (Peace) and is the reason for the basic greeting formula found in almost every book of the new testament, “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all” (2Thess.3:18)


MERCY is a divine quality in which unworthy people receive Grace. The dimension of God’s mercy is boundless, that so many synonyms are used to express it. These include: “kindness”, “loving kindness”, “goodness”, “grace”, “favour”, “pity”, “compassion”, and “steadfast love”.

Central in the concept of Mercy, is God’s quality of Compassion or Love. God forgives offenders or enemies; helps and spares them in their sorry plight. The bible makes us to understand that were it not for the Mercies of God, we would have been consumed. One bible character that enjoyed an overflowing grace mercy and peace of God was King David. (Ps.89:28)

Mercy is part of the unmerited favour and grace that believers enjoy. In Exodus 34:6, God describes himself as “the merciful and gracious God” showing us that His grace and mercy go hand in hand.

In Rom.9:15&16 God makes us to understand that he will show mercy to whom He wills. It is not of works lest any man should boast. God is “the father of mercies” (2Cor.1:3) and he freely bestows it on those who believe in his son Jesus Christ.

Just as God has freely extended his mercy to us believers despite our unworthiness or unfaithfulness, he expects us to show mercy to our fellowmen, even though they may not deserve it or seek for it. The bible enjoins us to show mercy to the poor, the needy, widows, and orphans. (Prov.14:31, 19:17, Micah 6:8, Zech.7:9-10, Col.3:12)

PEACE is the total well being, prosperity, and security associated with Gods presence amongst his people, the church. The coming of Jesus Christ to the world and his ministry was “expected to guide our feet into the way of PEACE”. (Luk.1:67-70).

This peace is not an end to tension or the absence of warfare. It is not domestic tranquillity nor anything like the worldly estimation of peace. (Luk.12:51-53). The peace we are talking about passes all understanding. (Phil.4:7)

The early church understood “peace” to be the final end-time salvation of God, given already through Jesus Christ. (Phil.4:7-9) Jesus is described as “peace” itself (Eph.2:14) while God, too because of his act of reconciliation through Christ is known as a “God of peace” (Phil.4:9, Col.3:15)

This gift of peace or reconciliation with God, made available through Christ, places an ethical demand on the Christian; it calls for the exercises of “peace” (as reconciliation between persons) within the church. Paul enjoins us that as much as possible we should live at peace with all men.

Peace, as a fruit of the spirit (Gal.5:22) is to be the goal of every Christian in his or her dealings with others (Heb.12:14)

What are the things you must do to enjoy the overflowing Grace, Mercy and Peace of God?

(1)You must daily seek the face of God in:-

– Praises: when you praise and worship God, you bring down His presence; which is full of grace, mercy and peace.

– Prayer: this is the master key to successful earthly walk with God.

– Meditation: meditation on the word of God continually draws his blessings. The psalmist says, “thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”.

(2)You must be Humble in all your ways. God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud.

(3)Try to be at Peace with God and with all men. The word of God says, “when the ways of a man please God, he makes his enemies to live at peace with him”.

In conclusion, I leave you with Is.26:3, which says “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee”.


(1)O God, inject into my life now your grace, mercy and peace that befits today in the name of Jesus.

(2)O God, as I go out, equip me with the peculiar mercy, grace and peace of yours that is more than enough to handle the peculiar challenges of today in the name of Jesus.

(3)Ancient of days, as I go out today load my destiny with your mercy, grace and peace that befits today in Jesus name.

(4)Heavenly father, as I enter into every new week, let the mercy, grace and peace that befits the week accompany me throughout and beyond in Jesus name.

(5)Jehovah God, bless my life with the right kind of mercy, grace and peace that every year requires in Jesus name.

(6)O Lord, appoint unto my life the accurate mercy, grace and peace that matches every situation and circumstance in Jesus name.

(7)O God appoint on to my life the required mercy, grace and peace that every challenge submits to in Jesus name.

Ola Suyee


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