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TEXT: Luke 7 (12 -15)

The story in the text is, I am sure, very familiar to all of us. Here was a widow with an only son, dead and just about to be buried. She was in deep sorrow and just when she had lost all hope and was wondering why this should be her lot in life, she met the Lord and her situation immediately changed. (Today your situation will change for the better). AMEN.

The Bible tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ when he saw the woman, He had compassion on her (v.13) and comforted her saying weep not. Here we see one of the attributes of God (COMPASSION).

Even though the woman did not personally come to Jesus to ask that her dead son be brought to life, yet our Lord could feel the grieving soul of this woman who to top it all, was also a widow, and our Lord Jesus Christ had COMPASSION on the woman, comforted her and then gave her a DIVINE MIRACLE, by bringing back to life her dead son. (Today every good thing that has died in your life and that has been causing you grief and sorrow will receive DIVINE RESURRECTION from our Lord Jesus Christ). AMEN.

You will have a DIVINE ENCOUNTER today.

Brethren it is a great thing to have a Divine Encounter with the Lord, because whenever we do, our lives must really change for the better.

Let us look at a few examples of those who had Divine Encounter with the Lord and see what happened in each case or situation:

Gen: 32 (24-32) – Jacob wrestled with the LORD and had his name changed to Israel which means he struggles with God (v.28).

Luke 8 (43-48) – The woman with the issue of blood, received instant healing by virtue of her faith and belief.

Acts 9 (3-13) – Saul changed to Paul, by this encounter, he went on to become one of the Lords trusted Disciple who wrote over 75% of the New Testament.

Having looked at these few examples. We see that each one had a Divine Encounter with the Lord and their lives never remained the same again.


Let us conclude by singing the song (which is never sang kneeling down) – ‘Pass me not O gentle saviour, hear my humble cry, and while on others thou hath calling do not pass me by’.

Author: Ola Suyee


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